About Us

The Pitt Meadows Community Garden (PMCG) is a community garden, with plots held individually by gardeners who have rights to what they grow as well as full responsibility for their plot. Our goal is to preserve and share the Community Garden for now and in the future, so that as many families as possible have an opportunity to garden in their little patch of earth. Collectively we take care of the land, improving and maintaining the Garden for future generations.

Come and grow with us!

Board of Directors

President Cathy Barrington
Vice President Sharon Rittich
Director of Finance Adam Hanuman
Secretary Kate Sahaydak
Co-Secretary Dans Seders
Director of Membership Penny Butler
Directory of Maintenance & Safety Denys Stewart
Assistant in Maintenance Mike Loewen
Beekeeper Keith Nightingale
Greenhouse Coordinator Hal Maier
Volunteer Coordinator Carla Loewen
Director Peter Fida
Director Dave Bisset

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